Image Personalisation Mastery

Learn how you can set up free image personalisation in your chatbot for FREE!
Yes, free 25,000 impression every month!

Using personalized image  in chatbbot to boost engagement & 10x conversion!
Hey chatbot marketers
it's well known that using personalized images in the 1-1 chat conversations can increase conversion 💹!
You might also want to implement this in your chatbot 🤖.
(We have been using this for quite some time, it's working like magic 🪄)

Imaging that you can easily create a welcome cards using their profile image or their name.
It will add personal touch & build the connection with your customers.
That's why it's a MUST that you need to implement personalised image in your chatbot.
Well, if you are using 3rd party system like hyperise..
It's easy to implement, but costly

So it will cost you around $70/month for 5000 personalised image impressions, and with only 3 image templates.
Well, if you finished the training, you will be able to use a free online service(🤫 it's a secret!)
And you will be able to set up unlimited image templates with 25,000 image impressions every month FOR FREE!
That's at least $350/month worth of value!
Some users know what the service we are using, but they find it too hard to make it work!
(This will be what you feels like if you are not a developer 🤯 😱)
At least, that's how I feel when I just get started.
I don't know how to code or write a single line of coding in my entire life.
But the service we are using are built for developer to use.
In fact, a lot of image personalisation SAAS platform are using exactly their platform at the backend 🤫
After days & weeks try and error, I finally crack the code! 🚀
Now if you follow my simple instructions, you can set up your own image personalisation template
within 5 mins!
And, you will also be able to set up the templates like this greeting card 🎄🦌

You can easily use their profile image, and overlay their name and even generate date dynamically on the certificate.
Once you learn how to do this template, you will unlock the image personation MAGIC 😜!‍

There are many other templates hand-on tutorials, and even teach you how to build your own templates!
And this course is compatible with UChat & Manychat.
Basically any chatbot platform that support display images in URL!
You don't need to waste your time learning from their developer documents.
You will get straight to the point, and learn what EXACTLY you need to know to make it work!
So no more guessing, no more testing and scratching your head and wondering why it is not working for you! 🤬
And you can save $350 every month by using the FREE 250,000 image personalisation impression credits!
So here is the deal.
I've included the template, easy to understand video tutorials, sample image templates all in this course.
if you scroll down, I'll tell you all about it 😊

What’s Included

Over 4 hours of in-depth hands-on videos & ready-to-use templates.

Stage 1 – Introduction

Let's start by see the demo image personalisation you can build. Also, a little background about UChat, and what you can expect in the coming lessons.

About UChat
What you will learn
Stage 2 – Get start with Cloudinary

we will create free account & understand the quote limits for free account. and also get the information we will need in the coming lessons.

UChat also allow you to save the files,videos directly to cloudinary.

Get free account
UChat integration with Cloudinary
Get information ready
Stage 3 – Install the templates

You will learn to install the ready-to-use template, and quick set up sample templates. Also we will do a quick walkthrough to understand the sample template flows.

Install the templates - UChat
Install the template - Manychat
Walkthrough of UChat template
Walkthrough of Manychat template
Stage 4 – Upload image to Cloudinary

You will learn how to automatically upload the user profile image or allow the user to upload the image directly in the chatbot.

Upload profile image to Cloudinary - UChat
Upload profile image to Cloudinary - Manychat
Allow the user to upload their owe image
Stage 5 – Build your own image template from scratch

This the core of the whole tutorial. We will show you how to build your image template from scratch and customerize and then use in the chatbot.

Start from scratch building welcome card
Start from scratch building greeting card
Why start with image upload
Stage 6 – Sample image template tutorial

In this section, we will go through all the sample image template, and walk-though the settings and how you can customerize it.

Hoodie example
Certification image template
Business Card Sample
Magazine Sample
Coupon Code Sample
Save time with 6 ready to use templates for UChat & Manychat

You’ll get access to 6 ready to use image templates for both UChat & Manychat.

Also, you will be able to set up your own image templates after the training.

Some examples:

  • Certification sample
  • Hoodie sample
  • Business card sample
  • Greeting card sample
  • Coupon code sample
  • Magazine sample
  • UChat chatbot templates
  • Manychat chatbot templates
  • Checklist

And many more 😄

Image templates, Chatbot templates & Step by step tutorials

Besides all the templates you are getting in the course, you will also get the checklist to install the templates, and also, learn how to set up your own image template step by step.

What’s Included

I’m so confident that my proven strategies & tactics will help you to create an personalised chatbot user experience, and boost your engagement & increase your conversion. So that I’m standing behind it 100% with this kick-ass guarantee:

You get 30 days to go through ALL the materials – and if you’re not satisfied for whatever reason, let me know – and I’ll give you a full refund. No small letters, no questions, no headaches, no hassles! I’m easy 🙂

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Is this course right for you?

This course is right for you if…

You want to set up personlised images in your chatbot

You want to skyrocket your chatbot engagement

You want to increase your chatbot conversion rates

This course isn’t a fit if…

You want to pay $200-$300 monthly for 3rd party service

You want to spend days & weeks study Cloudinary developer docs, and learn from scratch

You don't want to improve your chatbot user experience by bring the personalization to the next level.

Get Instant Access

Over 4 hours of in-depth image personalization trainings

Get Instant Access

Ready to use template for UChat & Manychat

6 ready to use image templates

Step by step instruction to build your own image template

Checklist to install the templates

Lifetime access & free updates for life

30-day unconditional money-back guarantee

Bonus : Free UChat 14 days free trial account

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Frequently Asked Questions

“How long will I get access to the course?”

Forever. You can start the course whenever you want, you can finish the course whenever you want, and you can always come back to the course to rewatch lessons if you like.

“What’s your refund policy?”

If this course doesn’t help you, you won’t have to pay for it. Just write to me within 30 days and let me know where it left you hanging, and I’ll refund your full investment. I’m easy.

“Will I get updates?”

Yes! You will get free access to all the updates that I will make to the course.

“How are lessons being delivered?”

You get instant access to all the materials so you can learn at your own pace. You will get personal login details right after your purchase. There will be also learning material attachment you can find in the description of the relevant lessons.

“I’m a beginner! Is this course right for me?”

Yes, totally! Every lesson is explained step-by-step, and easy to understand way. No coding required, just copy & paste. Easy!

“Which chatbot platform it works well with?”

We offer templates & training for the popular chatbot platforms like UChat & Manychat. But any other chatbot platform, as long as they support using URL in the image, and it will work with that platform as well.

“What if I need help?”

You can join our Free Facebook Group here, ask your question or shoot email to for the 1-1 help.

“I am using other chatbot platform, does it work?”

So, if the chatbot platform your are using support:

- Using URL to show image
- Support variable in the URL of the image.

Then our tutorials & template will works with them.

“Which tools do I need?”

So you need Cloudinary free account & UChat(which offer a nice 14 days free trial).

That's it!

“Can I get the coures for free?”

Yes, it's possible. We are preparing UChat loyalty program. you can earn points by sharing our content, and then you can redeem this course with your points.

More details will be released in the near future.

Are you ready?

Boost your chatbot engagement & conversion with image personalization

Let’s get the party started