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Imaging build AI chatbot in 10 minutes, all the replies are accurate, no buttons need to be pressed and everything is done in a really fun and conversational way?

Introducing UChat Conversational AI Course
Hey chatbot marketers
I hear you thinking “yeah right this will never work!

But you could not be further from the truth and we have the content prepared for you to back that up 💪You see when introducing AI into your chatbots, you will get the ability to bring that unique aspect not only to your chatbot but also to each conversation with every single user!

You can ask for details like email and phone numbers, appointment details all by conversation without the user every needing to press a button, which is how a conversation should be right? 

Take a look at yourself when going onto Messenger for example and interacting with your friends and family, no buttons presses, no popups to select dates and times to arrange a meetup. 

And that is exactly what we will teach you to build. A fully conversational experience for your users. 

This will take your chatbots to the next level !

Are you ready to get access to our step by step walkthrough and our template and revolutionize the way you build chatbots?

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What’s Included

Our team has many years of experience we want to share with you so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Stage 1 - Introduction

The course that will take your chatbots to the next level by setting up a complete AI focused type of chatbot, with no need for buttons, just a simple talk with the (potential) customer. It will simplify your chatbot nodes.

Stage 2 - Creating the flows

We are going to map out the chatbot functions by creating the flows. It will give clarity on what we envision the chatbot to handle for us.

Creating the flows
Stage 3 - Creating the intents

In this video we will create intents. These intents are very important as it will allow the AI to determine which of our flows need to get triggered later on in our setup.

Creating the intents
Stage 4 - Creating the intent selector flow

We are going to focus on the most important flow in the chatbot.

Basically our mainframe from where we are going to determine what flow the user needed to go to.

It will take in the user’s question, determine the context and categorize it into topics. From these topics we will send the user to the correct flow.

Creating the intent selector flow
Stage 5 - Coaching call flow

The coaching call flow or appointment booking is a very important part of understanding how to utilize AI to capture all the needed information and after save it any way you prefer.

It opens up many use cases and you can import dynamic data like timeslots from an external source to taking into account.

Coaching call flow
Stage 6 - Human Support flow

The human support flow also utilizes the same practices as with bookings in capturing the user details and then afterwards forwarding it to a live chat agent to process.

Again a perfect example of AI usage!

Human Support Flow
Stage 7 - Various flows

We will go over the various other flows we have inside the AI bot and from there you will get insights as to how to expand the provided template with your own flows whenever you need it.

Various Flows
Stage 8 - Closing

We are going to test our created AI chatbot to see how well it performs, switching between intents, flows and really do a stress test.


What’s Included

Our 30-day money-back guarantee is simple: Take our advanced chatbot building course and if you're not satisfied with the results, let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

We're confident that our expert-led training and hands-on exercises will equip you with the skills you need to build advanced chatbots, and we're willing to back that up with our money-back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Who is this course for?”

This course will be ideal for you if you want to learn how to build an conversational AI with openAI.

“What’s your refund policy?”

If this course doesn’t help you, you won’t have to pay for it. Just write to me within 30 days and let me know where it left you hanging, and I’ll refund your full investment. I’m easy. However, 8% transaction fee will be deduced from the total refund amount.

“Will I get updates?”

Yes any updates like extra lessons or resources will be available to you completely free!

“How are lessons being delivered?”

You get instant access to all the materials so you can learn at your own pace. You will get personal login details right after your purchase. There will be also learning material attachment you can find in the description of the relevant lessons.

“I’m a beginner! Is this course right for me?”

It would be best if you followed our UChat basics course first to get familiar with our platform first. That way you will get most out of our course. If you need it you can get access to our basics course right here.

“Which tools will I need?”

First and foremost you will need an account on UChat to be able to follow along the course. You can get a free trial account set up right here if you need it.

Also you will need to get an openAI account.

“What if I need help?”

You can join our Free Facebook Group here, ask your question or shoot email to for the 1-1 help.

“I am using other chatbot platform, does it work?”

This will actually depending the features of openAI integrations in other platform.

So the course might not suitable for other chatbot platforms.

“Which tools do I need?”

First and foremost you will need an account on UChat to be able to follow along the course. You can get a free trial account set up right here if you need it.

You will need an openAI account as well.

“Can I get the coures for free?”

If you are UChat Partners or UChat Certified Gold Builders, you can reach out to support to get free access.

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