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Everything of your business need is UChat + Airchatty CRM!

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AirChatty CRM integration with UChat

UChat integrate with GHL v1.0 and 2.0, you can use different actions & triggers. and if you are GHL agency plan, UChat partner plan have native integration with it as well. You can create sub account in GHL and create chatbot workspace at the same time!


Turn Facebook comments into GHL Leads with UChat

This is just one simple user case, you can easily automate capture leads from Facebook post comments, and sync the leads into your GHL account.


$199 per month with signing bonus

When you join UChat partner program, you will get 1 AirChatty CRM sub account for FREE!

Plus, every paid workspace you sold, you will get one free Airchatty CRM sub account.

For only $10 per month cost, you will have the best platform of Chatbot & CRM!

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Designed for marketing agencies

All in one Sales & Marketing Platform

It's a perfect combination with UChat. You don't need anything else. UChat + Airchatty CRM, you are all set for your marketing needs!

Offers For UChat White label Partners
As, UChat partners, you will get one sub account to use for free.

Every paid workspace, you will get one AirChatty CRM at no extra charge!

For $10 per month, you will get 1 Chatbot and 1 Sales & CRM to sell at your own price, and keep 100% of the profit!
About UChat Partner Program
For UChat Monthly Customers
For UChat Monthly customers(if you subscribed to UChat business plan), you will be recommended to leave us reviews at G2 & Capterra!

After send screenshot to, you will get AirChatty CRM at no extra cost.

The promotion is valid until 30th March, 2023.
G2 ReviewCapterra
Offers For UChat Early Adopters
Since UChat officially launched in June 2021, UChat grow faster & stronger!

We can't do this without your continue feedback and support!

As thanks for your early support, you will have the chance to purchase AirChatty CRM at one time cost of $97.
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Unlimited Email Marketing

You will be able to set up your own email automations!

Automated Drip Engagement Emails Campaigns

Batch Emails/Email Broadcast

Expert Email Templates & Drip Campaign Templates

Instant 2-Way Emailing

Send & Receive Emails Inside Web & Phone App

Batch Email Validation

2-Way Email Sync

Unlimited SMS & MMS Marketing

You can easily set up your SMS automation with AirChatty CRM!

Batch/Broadcast SMS/MMS

Missed Auto Text Back

Text to Pay Invoice Link

Expert SMS Templates & Drip Campaign

Instant SMS/ MMS Texting - 2-Way Texting

Send and Receive SMS/MMS inside Web & Phone App

Batch Phone Number Validation

Easy Purchase Phone Numbers

Unlimited Appointment Booking

You will be able to easily set up your appointment booking!

Unlimited Calendar Creations

Unlimited 1-on-1 Appointment Creations

Unlimited Group Appointment Creations

Round Robin Appointments

Appointment Notifications

Appointment Buffers

Appointment Daily Limits

Appointment Minimum Schedule Notice

Calendar Customerization

Appointment Request Approval

Unlimited CRM & Pipeline

You can easily manage your CRM & sales process with AirChatty CRM!

All Core CRM Features

Access to List Generation & Lead Scoring

Unlimited Contact Database

Access to Skip Tracking Leads

Smart Lists & File Storage

Automated Task Assignment(Campaigns)

Automatically Import Leads

First to Claim Lead Distribution

Import Database from Any CRM

Lead and Activity Notifications

Team Collaborations

Manually Add And Assign Leads/Clients

Advanced Lead Distribution

Create Pipeline Sales Flows

Manually Or Bulk Assign Lead Stages

Create unlimited Triggered System Automations

Unlimited Funnels & Website

You will able to easily build out your funnels & Launch WordPress website!

Simple Drag & Drop Webpage Editor

Quickly Build Sales Funnels That Convert

Smart Shopping Cart with 1 Click Upsells

Email & Facebook Marketing Automation

Everything Organised in One Simple Dashboard

Blog Websites

Professional Industry Website Templates

Advanced Web Development Capabilities

Website Tracking Pixel & Website Analytics

Link Custom Domain Names

Roles & Permissions

Mobile & Desktop Friendly Testing

Online Payment via Stripe

Services & Membership Sites

Online Store Building

SEO Tools & Social Posting

Unlimited Ringless Voice Mail & Call Tracking

You can easily set up call tracking & RVM with AirChatty CRM!

Fully Integrated Calling

Purchase unlimited Local Phone Numbers

Dedicated Company Number For Texting & Receive Calls

Individual Agent Numbers for Calls & Texts

Phone Number + Dialer for All

Unlimited Call Recording & Reporting

Batch Ringless Voicemails

Call Lists/1 Click Calling

Call Transferring

Expert RVM Templates & Drip Campaign

Inbound Calls & Shared Inboxes

Make & Receive Calls Inside Web & Phone App

Unlimited Tracking & Analytics

You will able to easily setup the tracking & analytics, so that you always what is happening with your campaign!

Agent Activity Reporting

Company Activity Reporting

Deal Tracking


RVM Deliverability Tracking

SMS/MMS Open, Click, Deliverability Tracking

Lead Source Reporting

Unlimited Survey & Forms

You can easily set up call survey & forms to collect information from your customer!

Contact Lead Capture Forms

Market Research Forms

Feedback Forms & Registration Forms

Giveaway Forms & Request Forms

Order Forms & Report Forms

Quiz Surveys & Poll Surveys

Application Surveys

Forms & Survey Analytics

You can replace all these tools with AirChatty CRM!

Airchatty CRM is all you need!

Get start easily in 3 simple steps


Verify your account

There is a live chat at the right bottom of this page. click to get started.

It will first verify your account with UChat.

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Different offers for different account

Depending on your account status, you will be offer the options to set up AirChatty CRM for free or pay at $97 one time payment fee.

Simply follow the instructions!

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Creating Accounts

After you go through the verification, and you will be offer a form to collect basic information.

We will use that information to create account for you.

Login information will send to your email.

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What's the Offer!

Great offers for UChat Customers!

Join UChat Today! Subscribe to UChat Business plan, you will get access to this AirChatty CRM with no extra cost!

1 Free sub account + 1 AirChatty CRM for every paying workspace

As UChat partners, you will have one AirChatty CRM to work with for FREE!

For every paying workspace under your custom domain, you will get one AirChatty CRM at no extra cost!

Offer valid before 30th March 2023

16+ social channels
Full white label
Visual Flow builder
Customerize plan & pricing
Build in ecommerce
200+ premium templates
A.I integration
Priority support & premium training

UChat Business Plan get AirChatty at no extra cost!

This offer is valid until end of March, 2023!

If you subscribe to UChat business plan before that date, you will get AirChatty account at no extra cost!

AirChatty CRM is a perfect combination with UChat! You don't need anything else technically for your marketing needs!

Get your Airchatty CRM here

Get AirChatty at $97/one time payment

You will have the chance to get AirChatty at one time payment of $97.

This offer is for all the workspace that is one time payment previously.

Once you verify your account, the payment link will be offered. After the payment is done, you will be provide sign up forms!

After you submit the sign up form, your account will be created, and the login details will send to your email!

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Find the perfect plan

All in one sales & marketing platform

Standard Plan
2 Way Text & Email Conversation
GMB Messaging
Web Chat
Reputation Management
Facebook Messenger
GMB Call Tracking
Missed Call Text Back
Text To Pay
Email Marketing
SMS & Email Templates
All Reporting
Trigger Links
Social Planner
Affiliate Manager
Premium Plan
2 Way Text & Email Conversation
GMB Messaging
Web Chat
Reputation Management
Facebook Messenger
GMB Call Tracking
MIssed Call Text Back
Text To Pay
Email Marketing
SMS & Email Templates
All Reporting
Trigger Links
Social Planner
Affilate Managers

How to get started?

3 simple steps to create your AirChatty CRM Account!


Verify your UChat account Type

You can start with the chat at the bottom right corner, we will need to verify your UChat account type. So get your UChat account information ready,

Get AirChatty CRM Here

Submit the Sign Up form

Once you go through the verification process, you will be offered to fill the details information on the sign up form!

Get AirChatty CRM Here

Create your AirChatty Account

After you submit the sign up form. we will use those information to create your AirChatty account.
Login information will also send to your email address!

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mGreat all-in-one chatbot for your business! Since using UChat we have been able to quickly develop our IVR service for client"
Benjie M.
Business Owner
"if you are a marketing agency looking for a whitelabel chatbot platform, I definitely recommend checking out UChat, because it has one of the most extensive whitelabel platforms I’ve ver seen."
Joren Wouters
"Overall experience more than positive: the company receives and processes user requests in a streamlined and fast way. The ability to integrate with the most popular communication channels on the market, including voice and SMS, is excellent."
Luciano Zambito
Chatbot Educator
UChat is the best Chatbot System in the Market. UChat helps me to convert my daily messengers to my leads and helping me to take them to my funnel. It has also helped me in increasing the sales."
Mohit J.
Business Owner
"We love using this platform as it is proving to be cost-effective and very functional in our development of direct marketing strategies where we can deliver coupons instantly and track the ROI."
Hilton D.
Business Owner
"This team convinces me they want to be number one in chat apps. This app gives you so much opportunity to communicate with your customers on so many levels through so many chat platforms. It's very intuitive and gives you so many ways to engage your customersry!"
Neil Aschneider
Business owner

Get Free upgrade to Premium Plan

If you have already access to AirChatty Standard plan, leave us review at G2 & Capterra, we will upgrade your plan to Premium plan, access all features!

Offer only valid before 30th March 2023, Please send your AirChatty Business name & Review screenshot to

Book a zoom call If you are interested in UChat Partner Plan👇

Join UChat partner plan to resell Chatbot & AirChatty at the same time! All your marketing need will be filled with UChat!

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Frequestly Asked Questions

Can't find your answer below? Hit us up on live chat!

How long can I get access to this AirChatty CRM?

If you are UChat partners or UChat Monthly subscribers, as long as your subscription is active, you will get access to it!

Once you cancelled your subscription or your monthly payment failed, your will not access to UChat & AirChatty CRM both!

If you are UChat early adopters, after one time payment of $97, you can get access it for the lifetime!

Are there any extra charges to use AirChatty CRM?

Yes, sending email, SMS and make phone calls will occur extra charges. For your reference: Send email cost $0.00135 per email; SMS(US & Canda): $0.015/segment, 1 segment is equal to a SMS of 160 characters; Making calls $0.026/min; Receiving calls: $0.017/min

You need to have credit in your account to use SMS, Emails & Phone call feature insider of AirChatty CRM.

What if I have multiple paying workspace?

Every paying workspace can have 1 AirChatty CRM account at no extra cost.

So if you have 5 business plan with UChat, then you can have 5 AirChatty CRM account!

You can simply go through the same verification process, if you are having difficulty to do so, send email to

I still see $97/month in my company billing page, will I be charged?

No, because you already use the coupon code when you subscribe, so don't worry about that.

The offer is only valid if you join before 30th March 2023

How UChat partners get access to AirChatty CRM?

If you are UChat partners, you will get 1 free UChat account.

And, for every paying workspace under your custom domain, you can create AirChatty CRM for that workspace at no extra charge!

It's jus the domain will be a non-UChat branded domain, it will not under your custom domain.

So it won't be 100% white label, if you do mind about this, you can skip the deal.

How can UChat early adopter get access to this?

The cost for the early adopter is $97 one time payment, after the account verification, you will offer the option to pay through Stripe or Paypal.

After the payment is done, you will get sign up form to registrate!

Why can't I see the other features like website, funnels, etc?

By default, you will get AirChatty CRM Standard plan. But we do offer free upgrade to Premium plan before 30th March 2023.

So you need to leave us review at G2 & Capterra, you can find the link below:
G2 link:

Then you can send your AirChatty account business name & review screenshot, Once we verified it, we will upgrade your plan to the premium plan(value at $297/month)

Can I connect same AirChatty account to multiple UChat workspaces?

No, you can't

One AirChatty account can only link to one UChat workspaces.