Start From 2019
Start small with a BIG dream
UChat started with the idea to help you automate your business without coding. The whole developer & marketing team are in Australia.
Visual flow builder Introduced
June 2020: Build your chatbot visually
UChat enables you to build your chatbot visually with our flow builder, so you can easily send different types of messages, and take the user input, and also easy integration with 3rd party system.
Developer focused feature
July 2020: Build an advanced chatbot with UChat
UChat started with the vision that not only everyone can build automation without coding. But we bring in more developer-focused features like External requests; JSON variables; JSON operation, and Javascript right inside of our flow builder.
New Channel Messenger
Aug 2020: Build chatbot in messenger
UChat introduced the messenger channel, you can build chatbot automation in messenger without coding.
New Channel Voice(Phone calls)
Sep 2020: Build your first IVRs with UChat
UChat introduced the Voice channel, you can build your virtual voice assistant, and also easy to transfer the phone call, leave a voice message, and even take payment inside of a phone call.
New Channel Telegram
Oct 2020: Build your first chatbot with Telegram
UChat introduced the Telegram channel, you can build chatbot automation in telegram without coding.
New Channel SMS
Nov 2020: Build your first chatbot with SMS
UChat introduced the SMS channel, you can build chatbot automation in SMS without coding.
New Channel Slack
Nov 2020: Build your first chatbot in Slack
UChat introduced the Slack channel, you can build chatbot automation in Slack without coding.
New Channel We Chat
Dec 2020: Build your first chatbot in We Chat
UChat introduced the We Chat channel, you can build chatbot automation in We Chat without coding. You can reach more audiences from China(mainland or overseas).
New Channel Google Business Messenger
July 2021: Official Google Business Messenger Partner
UChat is one of the first platforms that introduce Google Business Messenger in our platform. You can easily reach Google organic traffic & Google map local traffic with UChat.
Official Launch - Go Global
Aug 2021: Shared UChat with World. Official Launch
We launch our first campaign to share UChat with the world. We get HUGE success with our first launch. The users are LOVING our platform.
New Channel Instagram
Aug 2021: New Instagram channel introduced within 7 days
It takes us 7 days to add Instagram as the new channel when Meta makes the Instagram API available to everyone. That is how fast we implement things!
Introducing Inbound webhook
Sep 2021: Magic connector with UChat
With Inbound webhook, you can easily connect UChat with other 3rd party systems and start the automation. It’s available to every channel.
Introducing Mini app 2.0
Oct 2021: Build integration with 3rd party VISUALLY
UChat introduces the mini app 2.0, now you can build integration with 3rd through our visually flow builder. Anyone can build a mini app(you don’t have to be a developer) with UChat.
Introducing email template
Oct 2021: Send beautifully designed email templates
Now you can easily send beautifully designed emails from any of the channels. Plus you can use the email flow builder to drag & drop, also customize the email with value from chatbot.
Improved template store
Oct 2021: Easy to protect & sell your templates
UChat allow you to publish template, and also have different level of permission control(publishable, editable,viewable), also you can generate one time intall link through our template API.
Introducing WhatsApp template message
Nov 2021: Reach WhatsApp users out of the 24-hour window
You can sync the WhatsApp template message to UChat, and send the user template if they are out of the 24-hour window!
New Channel Line
Dec 2021: Reach more users through Line
UChat introduced line as the new channel. You can build chatbot automation easily with our visual flow builder.
New Channel Viber
Jan 2022: Reach more users through Viber
UChat introduced Viber as the new channel. You can build chatbot automation easily with our visual flow builder.
Brand new basic course
March 2022: Start from brand new basic courses
UChat introducing 51+ new onboarding video courses. If you are new to UChat, you can easily start with these training videos.
Introducing the WhatsApp product catalogue message
March 2022: Build native WhatsApp eCommerce in UChat
With product catalogue messages, you can build a native WhatsApp user experience with UChat, easy checkout with Stripe, Paypal or your local payment gateway.
Introducing a new website & learning centre
May 2022: Learning & Grow with UChat
UChat started focusing to provide more educational content with our new website. New templates & training courses are added regularly. You will be able to learn and grow with our platform.
UChat Mobile apps released
June 2022: Live chat right on your phone
With the UChat mobile app, you can receive push notifications, and stay connected with your customers right on your phone. Always in touch no matter which channel they are coming from.
UChat Partner mobile app released
June 2022: Non-UChat branded app for partner
UChat offers a non-UChat branded mobile app for our partner to use for FREE. All features included. Plus, partners have the chance to white label the mobile app under their own brand.
Partner plan launched
July 2022: Officially launched UChat partner plan
UChat has specifically designed the partner plan for digital marketing agencies. With the full white label opportunities, custom plan/pricing, sell at your own pricing & keep 100% of the profit. It’s just PERFECT!
UChat support multiple languages
July 2022: Access worldwide easily
UChat support multiple languages, also you can help to translate and bring UChat to more audience & countries.
WhatsApp Cloud API Supported
July 2022: Introducing WhatsApp Cloud API
Now you can build your WhatsApp chatbot with Facebook Cloud API, Free 1000 session messages EVERY MONTH!
Integration with Jivo Chat
July 2022: Live chat with Jivo Chat or Build a chatbot on Jivo Chat Channel
You can use Jivo Chat for live chat support or build your own web chat automation in the Jivo Chat channel.
Integration with Intercom
July 2022: Live chat with Intercom or build a chatbot in Intercom Channel
You can use Intercom for live chat support or build your own web chat automation in the Intercom channel.
Live chat 3rd party integration
July 2022: Reduce support tickets & increase support efficiency
UChat integrates with popular live chat platforms like Freshchat, Intercom, Drift, Front, and Jivo Chat for live chat support if the chatbot & A.I won’t be able to help.
New Channel V.K
Aug 2022: Build automation with the new V.K Channel
UChat introduced V.K as the new channel. You can build chatbot automation easily with our visual flow builder.
Web Chat Beta Test
Aug 2022: Preview of our web chat solution
UChat open beta test for our coming web chat. The official release will be Sep 2022. Our new web chat will have 4 display styles, which you can add as a website widget & embed on the page. It’s a flexible and powerful combination of our visual flow builder.

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