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A Master in conversation design (Chatbot Master) and has been through Google conversation design expert short course in Berlin, Germany. I'm specialist in a very custom solution for any kind of business or operations. Just as long as it requires conversation, with my team, we build it for you. Make it for marketing, sales or internal process

We called our solution as BotApss. It's an applicsation using a chatbot instead of a mobile apps which is expensive and required more time to develop. Also, with BotApps, you users does not need to install amy apps, they use your apps from their favourite chat apps of simply the web

Below are some of our completed projects

1. Express bus ticket BotApp

Quick and secure express bus ticket purchase using the power of Dialogflow entities and contexts to detect user origin, destination and date time.

2. Parking BotApp

Using whatsapp, user can enter and exit parking space. very low cost of deployment for parking operator. This BotApps uses cloud IoT technology to talk with the barrier gate and integrated with parking operator system

3. Bus tracking BotApp

User can simply ask the bot in whatsapp about the bust location and ETA to the user's place. This solution has reduced a lot of risk and time. Waiting at the bus stop is expose to multiple safety risk especially for female users

4. Collection BotApp

To make monthly fee collection from parents for their kids school fee. WIth simple text dashboard for school and parent to track their payments and records

5. MyWow BotApp

A total integrator bot which simplyfy the process of users to track their parcel from China using shipping company. Without the bot, user will need to manually login to 3 different system just to get the latest info of their shippment

6. Local authorities / enforcer BotAppThis help to reduce counter time and que as most of the proses can be done via chatbot. Plus, local authorities can keep track and trace any fee or summons owned by any of the users via whatsapp and smsthose are just few of what we have deployed.

Many more are in the progress and development

UChat Certified Expert Level
API/External Request
Built-in Ecommerce
Calendly Integration
Dynamic data handling in Google Sheet
Email marketing
Inbound Webhook
Omni channel logics
Lead Generation
Shopify Integration
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Woocommerce Integration
Bahasa Malaysia
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