Build your chatbot business with UChat partner program

Full white label, with your own brand/domain, also charge our clients at the price you want, keep 100% of the profit

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Unlimited workspaces*
100% profit sharing
Full white label

Designed for digital marketing agencies

The full white label chatbot platform you can build your business on.

Automate onboarding & converting new user into paying customer

Sign up under your custom domain
New user can sign up directly under your custom domain, or your can create new user through our partner API.
Get started with 14 days free trial
There isn't limits on how many workspace can created under your custom domain. Every workspace will get started with 14 days free trial, access to all pro features. Also you will be able to offer forever free plan at no extra cost.
Set up onboarding automation for conversion
With our partner API, you can easily set up your onboarding automation, and converting new user into your paying customers

Sell at your pricing & keep 100% of the profit

When your customer decide to subscribe, they will go to your own checkout page & pays to you first. You can also automate the purchase, cancellation & rebill failure events & also keep 100% of the profit.

Collect payment first at your own pricing & checkout page

Keep 100% of the profit

You can design your own pricing & plans

Enable or disable certain feature for different plan

Step by step training to automate the purchase, cancellation & rebill failure

Your own brand, your full white label platform, build your own business.

Full white label platform under your brand
Every app that is connected with 3rd party system is a non-UChat brand by default. You can also hide UChat branded video & docs
Build your own template store & mini app store
You will be able to build your own template or mini app store, and also offer support to your customer at one click
Make it your own brand
You will have the options to upgrade the apps connected to 3rd party or even publish the mobile apps under your brand.

Your brand, your style

With all the customisation we offers, you can really customerize the platform to your own style. More options will be added in the future.

Your own UI design & different theme option*

Your own mobile apps for live chat

Your own apps to used in Zapier/Make/Pabbly Connect

Customerize login page

Customerize your own brand onboarding video

White label mobile app for partners

You can offer white label mobile apps under your brand name, live chat across 12+ social channel UChat supports

"The overall experience with UChat has been amazing."

"The product itself is so versatile and capable - arguably the best out there - and the team is extremely receptive to feedback and they're making updates accordingly.”

Matthew J.
reduction in operation cost
conversion rates with Chatbot marketing

"UChat is the best Chatbot System in the Market."

"UChat helps me to convert my daily messengers to my leads and helping me to take them to my funnel. It has also helped me in increasing the sales."

Mohit J.
more followers within a month
Return on Investment

This team convinces me they want to be number one in chat apps !

This app gives you so much opportunity to communicate with your customers on so many levels through so many chat platforms. It's very intuitive and gives you so many ways to engage your customers.

Primary Result Stat
Return on Investment

#1 omni-channel chat marketing platform you can build your business on

Your own custom domain
You will have your own custom domain, sign in & sign up page, also your user will receive emails from your own email.
Your own pricing & plan
You will be able to set up your own pricing & plans & disable or enable certain feature on different plan, and keep 100% of the profit.
Your own UI design
You will have the option to select from the different themes we offer or send us your own UI designs.
Automate purchase & onboarding
You can automate the purchase, cancellation & rebill failure with our partner API, and also set up your onboarding automation to convert user into paying customers.
Your own mini app store
You will be able to select or activate different mini apps under your own custom domain.
Your own template store
You will be able to select or activate different templates under your own custom domain.
Your own mobile apps
We offer non-UChat mobile apps for all our partners, you have the option to publish our live chat mobile app under your own brand.
Priority support & trainings
Priority support & feature request from our partners will be prioritised. You will be also provided with special trainings & premium templates & video courses.

How to join Partner Program

Follow below simple 3 steps to join our partner program & build your chatbot marketing business along with UChat.


Create account in UChat

You can easily start with 14 days free trial with UChat. No credit card required, access to all pro features.


Go to billing

Go to the billing page, you will find the partner plan.


Subscribe to the partner plan $199/month

After subscription, the white label settings will immediately activate for your account.

Transform your chatbot marketing with our partner program

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