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Chatbot for Roofing Companies

This chatbot will help you inform people about your services and let them book appointments 24/7, ensuring you are always fully booked

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Chatbot for Roofing Companies

This Roofing Companies template has the following features to set up your chatbot within minutes:

✅ Main menu navigation to easily let users get to the desired sections at all times
✅ About us section to get more info on the company itself
✅ Book an appointment to allow users to book whenever it is most convenient for them
✅ Our services to let the people know what you have to offer
✅  Roofing Products to allow customers to buy directly inside the chatbot
✅  Testimonials to bring a social proof aspect to your chatbot
✅  Contact us section

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This chatbot is build in Omni Channel, but can easily install & customerize in the bellow channels

Web Chat
Google Business Messenger

Integration & Mini apps

This chatbot can be connected to a variety of apps

Google Sheet

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to common questions about the UChat Bot Template

Can I deploy the bot into other channels?

Of course, by default, the template is built in the omni channel. You can easily install to other channels, like Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Web Chat, WeChat, Google Business Messenger, Telegram, VK, etc.

Some of the channels, you might need to customerize the flow to compatible the message types for different channel. Also, you can hire our certified chatbot builders to customerize for you.

Can I customize the template?

Yes, you don't need to have any programming or technical skills to customize your chatbots.

What happen if I purchased the template?

After you select the template, and complete the payment, you will be provided a one time URL to install the template you purchased. Please note, you need to provide the template ID when purchasing the templates.

What do I need to install the template?

You will need to have a UChat account. If you still haven't tried UChat yet, you can start your 14 days free trial from the link below:

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